Serials Review 31(4)

Serials Review
Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages 237-330 (December 2005)


Global Information Needs before and after the Web
Maurice Long

Transforming Access to Research Literature for Developing Countries
Barbara Kirsop and Leslie Chan

The Initiative: Access and Management of Electronic Resources by Library Consortia in Developing and Transition Countries
Rima Kupryte, Monika Segbert-Elbert and Isabel Bernal

African Journals OnLine (AJOL)
Pippa Smart

TEEAL and AGORA: Improving Access to Agricultural Journals in Low-Income Countries
Olivia Vent

Developing Nations, the Digital Divide and Research Databases
Sam Brooks, Paul Donovan and Clint Rumble

Journal Access Initiatives: Where Are They? Why the World Health Organization? and What Is HINARI?
Barbara Aronson and Steve Glover

Looking at Journals from Both Sides
Norman Clark and Allan Scherlen

The Effects of E-journal Management Tools and Services on Serials Cataloging
Maria Collins

Life in the Trenches of Print and Web Publishing
Michael Brown

An Interview with Terry Reese
Bonnie Parks

Reports of Conferences, Institutes, and Seminars
Beverly J. Geckle, Christine Freeman, Sue Anderson, Carrie S. Eastman and Susan Davis

Roaring into Serials with the 2005 North American Serials Interest Group Annual Conference
Christine Freeman

The View from the Mountain: 2005 Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge
Sue Anderson

Here Today; Here Tomorrow?: Journal Archiving in the Electronic Environment
Carrie S. Eastman

The Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology
Katy Ginanni

ONIX for Serials?The NISO/EDItEUR Joint Working Party
Mark H. Needleman