Government Information Quarterly 23(3-4)

Government Information Quarterly
Volume 23, Issues 3-4 (2006)


Sharon Strover, Seung-Hwan Mun
Wireless broadband, communities, and the shape of things to come

Andrea Tapia, Carleen Maitland, Matt Stone
Making IT work for municipalities: Building municipal wireless networks

Alison Powell, Leslie Regan Shade
Going Wi-Fi in Canada: Municipal and community initiatives

Martha Fuentes-Bautista, Nobuya Inagaki
Reconfiguring public Internet access in Austin, TX: Wi-Fi’s promise and broadband divides

William Lehr, Marvin Sirbu, Sharon Gillett
Wireless is changing the policy calculus for municipal broadband

M. Sawada, Daniel Cossette, Barry Wellar, Tolga Kurt
Analysis of the urban/rural broadband divide in Canada: Using GIS in planning terrestrial
wireless deployment

Marvin Sirbu, William Lehr, Sharon Gillett
Evolving wireless access technologies for municipal broadband