Journal of Academic Librarianship 32(6)

Journal of Academic Librarianship
Volume 32, Issue 6 (2006.11)

Reinhold Decker, Antonia Hermelbracht
Planning and Evaluation of New Academic Library Services by Means of
Web-based Conjoint Analysis

Claire McGuinness
What Faculty Think–Exploring the Barriers to Information Literacy
Development in Undergraduate Education

Shelley Gullikson
Faculty Perceptions of ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency
Standards for Higher Education

Jeff Luzius and Allyson Ard
Leaving the Academic Library

Thomas Stieve, David Schoen
Undergraduate Students’ Book Selection: A Study of Factors in the
Decision-Making Process

Pali U. Kuruppu and Anne Marie Gruber
Understanding the Information Needs of Academic Scholars in
Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Kathleen Halverson and Jean Plotas
Creating and Capitalizing on the Town/Gown Relationship: An Academic
Library and a Public Library Form a Community Partnership

Veronica Smith
A Further Perspective on Joint Partnerships: A Commentary on Creating
and Capitalizing on the Town/Gown Relationship

Mary Ann Trail, Carolyn Gutierrez and David Lechner
Reconsidering a Traditional Instruction Technique: Reassessing the
Print Workbook

・Managing Technology

Karen Coyle
Mass Digitization of Books

・Fund Raising: Ramdom Ramblings

Dana C. Rooks
You Gotta Believe!