The Journal of Academic Librarianship 31(4)

The Journal of Academic Librarianship
Volume 31, Issue 4, (July 2005)

Another Great Dissolution? The Privatization of Public Universities and the Academic Library
Scott Seaman

Citation Generators: Generating Bibliographies for the Next Generation
Jane Kessler and Mary K. Van Ullen

The Evolution of Academic Libraries: The Networked Environment
Alan Bailin and Ann Grafstein

The Information-Seeking Habits of Graduate Student Researchers in the Humanities
Andy Barrett

Setting Up a Fee-Based Information Service in an Academic Library
Claudette Cloutier

From Electronic Library to a Learning Center in the Academic Library: Integrating Traditional and New Uses in the Library Workstation
Snunith Shoham and Nurit Roitberg

The Academic Library as a Full-Service Information Center
Sue Samson and Erling Oelz

Alternative Strategies for Promoting Information Literacy
Jeanne Galvin

Characteristics of Team-Based Organization Introduced to Academic Libraries in South Korea
Hye-Young Yoon

Perspectives on …
Perspectives on … Multiculturalism and Library Exhibits: Sites of Contested Representation
Gwendolyn J. Reece

Managing Technology
Libraries and Standards
Karen Coyle

Information Policy
The Political and Economic Future of Federal Depository Libraries
John Shuler

International Perspectives
Central Library and Documentation Center of the University of Tehran: A Historical and Organizational Review
Mohammad Sadegh Ziaee