図書館とデジタルヒューマニティーズに関する情報を提供するウェブサイト”dh+lib”が、2016年7月29日付けで図書館における/図書館のデジタルヒューマニティーズに関する特集”Digital Humanities In the Library / Of the Library”を公開しています。


When Metadata Becomes Outreach: Indexing, Describing, and Encoding For DH / Emma Annette Wilson and Mary Alexander

Developing Research Tools via Voices from the Field / Smiljana Antonijević Ubois and Ellysa Stern Cahoy

Cross-disciplinarity at the Crossroads / Sarah Stanley and Micah Vandegrift

What Does Digital Feminist Curation Look Like? / Jennifer Rajchel and Elizabeth Myers

Not Your DH Teddy-Bear; or, Emotional Labor is Not Going Away / Paige Morgan

Do DH Librarians Need to Be in the Library?: DH Librarianship in Academic Units / Brandon Locke and Kristen Mapes

Between a Book and a Hard Place: Translating the Value of Digital Humanities in a Reconfigured Library / Purdom Lindblad, Laura Miller and Jeremy Boggs

“Peripheries, Barriers, Hierarchies”: Toward a Praxis of Critical Librarianship and Digital Humanities / Pamella Lach, Brian Rosenblum, Élika Ortega and Stephanie Gamble

Is Promotion and Tenure Inhibiting DH/Library Collaboration? A Case for Care and Repair / J. Matthew Huculak and Lisa Goddard

On the Word, Digital / Craig Dietrich and Ashley Sanders

2016 Special Issue(dh+lib)

Digital Humanities In the Library / Of the Library(dh+lib、2016/7/29付け)

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