Journal of the Medical Library Association. 94(4)

Journal of the Medical Library Association
Volume 94, No.4 October 2006

Manesh R. Patel, Connie M. Schardt, Linda L. Sanders, Sheri A. Keitz
Randomized trial for answers to clinical questions: Evaluating a pre-appraised versus a MEDLINE search protocol

Richard Kaplan, Marilyn Steinberg, Joanne Doucette
Retention of retrospective print journals in the digital age: trends and analysisFootnote icon for Electronic Content

Ruth Sladek, Jennifer Tieman, Belinda S. Fazekas, Amy P. Abernethy, David C. Currow
Development of a subject search filter to find information relevant to palliative care in the general medical literature

Michele R. Tennant, Tara Tobin Cataldo, Pamela Sherwill-Navarro, Rae Jesano
Evaluation of a liaison librarian program: client and liaison perspectivesFootnote icon of Medical Library Association’s Independent Reading ProgramFootnote icon for Electronic Content

Mary Shultz
Mapping of medical acronyms and initialisms to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) across selected systems

Karen Hofman, Andrea Ryce, Wendy Prudhomme, Sheldon Kotzin
Reporting of non-communicable disease research in low- and middle-income countries: a pilot bibliometric analysis

Andrew Booth
“Brimful of STARLITE”: toward standards for reporting literature searchesFootnote icon for Electronic Content

Jill Crawley-Low
Bibliometric analysis of the American Journal of Veterinary Research to produce a list of core veterinary medicine journals

Rose Campbell, Joan Ash
An evaluation of five bedside information products using a user-centered, task-oriented approachFootnote icon for Electronic Content