Information & Management 42(5)

Information & Management
Volume 42, Issue 5 (July 2005)


Information Technology Alignment Planning – a case study
Dan Peak, C. Steve Guynes and Verlyn Kroon

An intra- and inter-industry analysis of e-business effectiveness
Luvai Motiwalla, M. Riaz Khan and Shenghan Xu

Something for nothing: management rejection of open source software in Australia’s top firms
Sigi Goode

Integrating perceived playfulness into expectation-confirmation model for web portal context
Cathy S. Lin, Sheng Wu and Ray J. Tsai

An experimental investigation of the impact of aggregation on the performance of data mining with logistic regression
Adam Fadlalla

Data warehouse-in-practice: exploring the function of expectations in organizational outcomes
Silvia Massa and Stefania Testa

What drives mobile commerce?: An empirical evaluation of the revised technology acceptance model
Jen-Her Wu and Shu-Ching Wang

Evaluating the role and effectiveness of an intranet in facilitating knowledge management: a case study at Surrey County Council
Walter Skok and Caroline Kalmanovitch

A multi-group analysis of structural invariance: an illustration using the technology acceptance model

Xiaodong Deng, William J. Doll, Anthony R. Hendrickson and Joseph A. Scazzero

An empirical evaluation of stages of strategic information systems planning: patterns of process design and effectiveness
Varun Grover and Albert H. Segars

Does information technology provide banks with profit?
Wesley Shu and Paul A. Strassmann