Information & Management 42(6)

Information & Management
Volume 42, Issue 6 (September 2005)

Information technology productivity: in search of a definite observation
Effy Oz

Web-based expert systems: benefits and challenges
Y. Duan, J.S. Edwards and M.X. Xu

Information transfer in B2B procurement: an empirical analysis and measurement
Kyung Kyu Kim and Narayan S. Umanath

The relationship between information technology acceptance and organizational agility in Malaysia
Mohamed Zain, Raduan Che Rose, Iskandar Abdullah and Maslin Masrom

Web performance scale
Ming-Hui Huang

The state of CRM adoption by the financial services in the UK: an empirical investigation
Bill Karakostas, Dimitris Kardaras and Eleutherios Papathanassiou

Marketplace and technology standards for B2B e-commerce: progress, challenges, and the state of the art
Conan C. Albrecht, Douglas L. Dean and James V. Hansen

eCommerce adoption in developing countries: a model and instrument
Alemayehu Molla and Paul S. Licker

IS outsourcing management competence dimensions: instrument development and relationship exploration
Zhengzhong Shi, A.S. Kunnathur and T.S. Ragu-Nathan