Library Management 26(1/2)

Library Management
Vol. 26, No. 1/2, 2005

Report on the 2nd International Conference on Repository Libraries: Preserving and maintaining availability of print material. The role of repository libraries
著者: Tillio, Corrado Di

Depositories and repositories: changing models of library storage in the USA
著者: Payne, Lizanne

The economics of repository libraries in the context of the future conventional libraries
著者: O’Connor, Steve

From printed world to a digital environment: The role of repository libraries in a changing environment
著者: Saarti, Jarmo

CASS: a collaborative academic store for Scotland
著者: Nicholson, Catherine M

Access to print materials – role of print repositories: The development of the concept
著者: Vattulainen, Pentti

Distributed collections and central repository in France: Competition or complementarity?
著者: Sanz, Pascal

Newspapers at the National Library of Norway
著者: Clausen, S?ren

Preserving African digital resources: is there a role for repository libraries?
著者: Lor, Peter Johan

The Norwegian Repository Library
著者: Henden, Johan

Storage solutions in a co-operative library system: The case of Germany/Bavaria
著者: Kempf, Klaus

The print block and the digital cylinder
著者: McCarthy, J.P.

From traditional stacks to an automated storage and retrieval system
著者: Mathisen, Kari

Preserving American Print Resources
著者: Jr, Bernard F Reilly