Library Trends 54(1)

Library Trends
Vol. 54, Iss. 1, Summer 2005

Digital Preservation: FInding Balance

Deborah Woodyard-Robinson.

Exploring Variety in Digital Collections and the Implications for Digital Preservation
MacKenzie Smith.

Building an Internet Archive System for the British Broadcasting Corporation
Cathy Smith.

Digital Archiving in the Twenty-First Century: Practice at the National Library of the Netherlands
Johan F Steenbakkers.

What Should We Preserve? The Question for Heritage Libraries in a Digital World
Margaret E Phillips.

Web Archiving Methods and Approaches: A Comparative Study
Julien Masanes.

Preservation Metadata: National Library of New Zealand Experience
Steve Knight.

Practical Preservation: The PREMIS Experience
Priscilla Caplan, Rebecca Guenther.

Establishing a Global Digital Format Registry
Stephen L Abrams.

Prototype Preservation Environments
Reagan W Moore, Richard Marciano.

Building Preservation Partnerships: The Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program
William LeFurgy.