Library Trends 55(2)

Library Trends
Vol.55 No.2 2006 Fall

Patrick, Florance
GIS Collection Development within an Academic Library.

Patti Day, Chieko Maene.
Legal Considerations in the Dissemination of Licensed Digital Spatial Data.
Tsering Wangyal Shawa
Building a System to Disseminate Digital Map and Geospatial Data Online.

Gail Steinhart
Libraries as Distributors of Geospatial Data: Data Management Policies as Tools for Managing Partnerships.

Steven P. Morris
Geospatial Web Services and Geoarchiving: New Opportunities and Challenges in Geographic Information Services.

Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Mary Lynette Larsgaard, Tracey Erwin
Digital Preservation of Geospatial Data.

Rhonda Houser.
Building a Library GIS Service from the Ground Up.

Abraham Parrish.
Improving GIS Consultations: A Case Study at Yale University Library.d

Joe Aufmuth.
Centralized vs. Distributed Systems: Academic Library Models for GIS and Remote Sensing Activities on Campus.

Kim H.Ricker
GIS Mentoring.