D-Lib Magazine 12(9)

D-Lib Magazine September 2006
Vol. 12 No. 9



Preserving Information, Not Formats
by Bonita Wilson


Handle Records, Rights and Long Tail Economies
John Erickson, Hewlett Packard Laboratories


Repository Librarian and the Next Crusade: The Search for a Common Standard for Digital Repository Metadata
by Beth Goldsmith and Frances Knudson, Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library

Perspectives on Teachers as Digital Library Users: Consumers, Contributors, and Designers
by Mimi Recker, Utah State University

What Is Needed to Educate Future Digital Librarians: A Study of Current Practice and Staffing Patterns in Academic and Research Libraries
by Youngok Choi, The Catholic University of America; and Edie Rasmussen, The University of British Columbia

Computational Science Educational Reference Desk: A Digital Library for Students, Educators, and Scientists
by Diana Tanase and Jonathan Stuart-Moore, Shodor Education Foundation; and David A. Joiner, Kean University