Library Management 26(8/9)

Library Management
Vol. 26, No. 8/9, 2005

Library fundraising in Pakistan
著者: Mahmood, Khalid, その他.

Strategies for university academic information and service delivery
著者: Wainwright, Eric J

Archival landscape in Eastern and Southern Africa
著者: Mnjama, Nathan

Exploring the services provided by CALIS: meeting the needs of member
著者: Xiaoxia, Yao, その他.

Staff seminars and publications productivity: a study of academic
librarians in Ogun State, Nigeria
著者: Agboola, A.T., その他.

Managing library processes: collecting data and providing tailored
services to end-users
著者: Juntunen, Arja, その他.

Strategic planning for marketing library services
著者: Adeyoyin, Samuel Olu

Making sense of the quality maze: perspectives for public and academic
著者: Rowley, Jennifer

Continuing professional development and workplace learning 13:
Resistance to change – recognition and response
著者: Smith, Ian