Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 39(1/2)

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
Volume 39, no. 1-2, 2004

Authority Control: Definition and International Experience
Part II:Authority Control for Subjects
Arlene G. Taylor, BA, MS, PhD and Barbara B. Tillett, BA, MLS, PhD Guest editors ;with the assistance of Mauro Guerrini and Murtha Baca


SACO and Subject Gateways
by Ana L. Cristán

MACS (Multilingual Access to Subjects): A Virtual Authority File Across Languages
by Genevieve Clavel-Merrin

FAST: Development of Simplified Headings for Metadata
by Rebecca J. Dean

Semantic Authority Control and New Soggettario
by Anna Lucarelli

Authority Control and Subject Indexing Languages
by Stefano Tartaglia

Subject Indexing in the Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale
by Maria Lucia Di Geso


The Activities for Authority Control in EDIT16: Authors, Publishers/Printers, Devices, and Places
by Claudia Leoncini, Rosaria Maria Servello

Authority Control in the Field of Music: Names and Titles
by Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Federica Riva

The CERL Thesaurus File
by Claudia Fabian

The German Name Authority File (PND) in the Bavarian Union Catalogue: Principles, Experiences, and Costs
by Gabriele Memer

Project InterParty: From Library Authority Files to E-Commerce
by Andrew MacEwan

Commercial Services for Providing Authority Control: Outsourcing the Process
by Sherry L. Vellucci

Multiple Names
by Lucia Sardo

Chinese Name Authority Control in Asia: An Overview
by Lily Hu, Owen Tam, Patrick Lo

Progetto Lombardo Archivi in INternet (PLAIN) (Lombardy Project for Archives on the Internet): Identification, Retrieval, and Display of Creators of Archives and of Archival Fonds

Modeling Authority Data for Libraries, Archives, and Museums: A Project in Progress at AFNOR
by Françoise Bourdon

A First Contribution in the Field of Religion: the ACOLIT Project
by Fausto Ruggeri

French Official Corporate Bodies of the Ancient Regime (COPAR) and Religious Corporate Bodies (CORELI): Two Operations in Creating Authority Records in Order to Standardise the Entries of Bibliographic Records in Bibliothèque Nationale de France Retrospective Conversion
by Nadine Boddaert

The Project ‘Authority File’ for Names Relating to Perugia and Its Area
by Claudia Parmeggiani

Authority Control in the Academic Context: A Hobson’s Choice
by Guido Badalamenti

Ancient Italian States: An Authority List Project
by Annarita Sansò

The Authority File of the Biblioteca di Cultura Medievale
by Maria Teresa Donati

The Compilation of an Authority List of Medieval Latin Authors: Objectives, Methodological Issues, and Results
by Roberto Gamberini

by Luigi Crocetti

OCLC’s MARS and Innovative’s Millenium: Authority Control Procedures
by Lihong Zhu