bX Hot Articles、いま注目されている論文(7月版)

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Dewan, Pauline Are books becoming extinct in academic libraries? New Library World; 2012; vol 113; iss 1/2

Barnes, Susan B A privacy paradox: Social networking in the United States First Monday; 2006; vol 11; iss 9

Ashcroft, Linda Ebooks in libraries: an overview of the current situation Library Management; 2011; vol 32; iss 6/7

van Zyl, Anria The impact of Social Networking 2.0 on organisations The Electronic Library; 2009; vol 27; iss 6

Ahn, June Teenagers’ Experiences With Social Network Sites: Relationships to Bridging and Bonding Social Capital. The Information society; 2012; vol 28; iss 2

hin, Hyoseop Impact and degree of user sociability in social media. Information sciences; 2012; vol 196;

Ernst, Olaf The Future of eBooks? Will Print disappear? An End-User Perspective Library hi tech; 2009; vol 27; iss 4

Anderson, Karen Does the method of instruction matter? An experimental examination of information literacy instruction in the online, blended, and face-to-face classrooms Journal of academic librarianship; 2010; vol 36; iss 6

Benevenuto, Fabricio Characterizing user navigation and interactions in online social networks Information sciences; 2012; vol 195;

Weiler, Angela Information-seeking behavior in Generation Y students: Motivation, critical thinking, and learning theory Journal of academic librarianship; 2005; vol 31; iss 1

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bX Hot Articles、いま注目されている論文(6月版)
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