FirstMonday. May 2006

First Monday
Vol.11, No.5-1
May 2006

Open source disaster recovery: Case studies of networked collaboration
by Calvert Jones and Sarai Mitnick

K–12 encounters the Internet
by Paul DiPerna

Zones of silence: A framework beyond the digital divide
by Amelia Bryne Potter

What’s the matter with the information technology workforce?
by Manimegalai M Subramaniam and Kathleen Burnett

Privacy and security disclosures on telecardiology Web sites
by Lynsey Dubbeld

University Internet cafés: One more cup of information for the road
by Tayfun Tanyeri, Cem Çuhadar, Mübin Kiyici, and Ahmet Naci Çoklar

A review of national information and communication technologies (ICT) and a proposed National Electronic Initiative Framework (NEIF)
by Alan R. Peslak