Program: Electronic library and information systems. 40(1)

Program: Electronic library and information systems
Vol.40, No.1.

Reprint of the first issue of Program in 1966
Kimber, Richard T.

Program: a record of the first 40 years of electronic library and information systems
Tedd, Lucy A.

Library subject portals: An investigation of possibilities for the University of the Witwatersrand Library
Ubogu, Felix N., その他.

Use of e-books in an academic and research environment: A case study from the Indian Institute of Science
Anuradha, K.T., その他.

Authentication and authorisation infrastructure for the mobility of users of academic libraries: An
overview of developments
Hudomalj, Emil, その他.

Data migration from DOBIS/LIBIS to Horizon: experiences from the KFUPM Library in Saudi Arabia
Khurshid, Zahiruddin, その他.

Introducing RFID at Middlesex University Learning Resources
Hopkinson, Alan, その他.