Journal of Library Administration. 43(3/4)

Journal of Library Administration.
Vol.43 No.3/4, 2006.

Evolving Internet Reference Resources: PartI

Introduction Conducting Research Online: A Survey of the Information Map
Miller, William

Researching Art(ists) on the Internet
Ferrari, Roberto

Removing the Boundaries Composition and Rhetoric Internet Resources from Classical Greece to the Present Day
Roberson, Julie

I Too Dislike It The Evolving Presence of Poetry on the Internet
Richey, Debora, その他.

From Celluloid to Digital Electronic Resources for Film Studies
Albitz, Rebecca

Popular Web-Based Reference Sources for United States History
Frisch, Paul

Evolving Internet Reference in Anthropology What Our Patrons Want and How We Can Help Them Find It
Kotter, Wade

Exploring LGBTQ Online Resources
Greenblatt, Ellen

Women and Gender Studies Internet Reference Resources A Critical Overview
Ingold, Cindy

Internet Reference Sources for Asian Studies
Klopfer, Lisa

The Internet in Latin America Development and Reference Sources
Molloy, Molly

Creating a Web Resource African American Kentuckian Profiles
Jones, Reinette

Frontiers of Effort Librarians and Professional Development Blogs
Laning, Melissa, その他.

Psyched About Psychology Internet Resources
Perez, Alice

Internet Resources for Education Reference
Golian-Lui, Linda

Avoiding Accidental Tourism Reference Resources for Travel Research
Krupar, Ellen, その他.

Finding Your Future College and Career Information on the Internet
Gust, Kara, その他.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Web Sites Resources for Library Administrators, Librarians, and ESL Library Users
Hickok, John