“Library Career People”の運営者が、図書館への就職から退職までの手引書を刊行

Inforamtion Todayから、“Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career”と題する本(紙版、電子版)が刊行されています。

著者は、Susanne Markgren氏とTiffany Eatman Allen氏です。両氏は、図書館員のキャリアについて、様々な質問に応える形でコラムを掲載しているブログ“Library Career People”の運営者です。

1.The Beginning: Getting Started or Getting Going
2.Making a Good First Impression: The Art of the Cover Letter
3.Documenting Your Employment History: The Art of the Resume
4.Online Identities: Managing Your Online Presence and Building Your Brand
5.Interviewing: Getting Ready for the Show
6.Networking: Getting Involved in the Profession
7.From Here to There: Time for a Change
8.Putting Yourself Out There: Presenting and Writing
9.Job Flexibility: Possibility or Myth?
10.Alternative Jobs: The Nontraditional Career Path
11.Moving Up the Ladder: Stepping Into Management
12.Keeping Up: Following Technology and Trends
13.Collaboration: Forming Productive Partnerships
14.Retirement: Wrapping Up Your Career and Planning for the Next Stage

Career Q&A A Librarian's Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career
By Susanne Markgren and Tiffany Eatman Allen(Information Today)

Information Today, Inc. Releases Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career(LISWire, 2013/9/24付け)

The Book(Library Career People)

Library Career People