ARL Bimonthly Report. No.249

ARL Bimonthly Report. No.249
December 2006

Table of Contents

・The Research University and Scholarly Publishing: The View from a Provost’s Office
by James V. Maher, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh

・NSF and ARL Conduct Workshop on Digital Data Stewardship

・The Impact of Electronic Publishing on Tracking Research Library Investments in Serials
by Martha Kyrillidou, Director, Statistics & Service Quality Programs, ARL

・ARL, University of Virginia Library, and University of Washington Libraries Cosponsor Library Assessment Conference
by Richard Groves, Customer Relations Coordinator, Statistics & Measurement, ARL

・Recruiting a Diverse Research Library Workforce
by Jerome Offord Jr., Director, Diversity Initiatives, ARL

・ARL Membership Convenes