Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 1(4)

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
Vol 1, No 4 (2006)

・Terminology Versus Action / Lindsay Glynn
・Reporting of the Role of the Expert Searcher in Cochrane Reviews / Li Zhang, Margaret Sampson, Jessie McGowan
・Using Cost Effectiveness Analysis; a Beginners Guide / Claire Hulme
・Information Seeking Behaviours of Business Students and the Development of Academic Digital Libraries / Joyline Makani, Kelli WooShue

Evidence Summaries
・Academic Librarians Should Be Sensitive to Language and Cultural Barriers When Providing Reference Service to International Students / Lorie Andrea Kloda
・School Libraries Play an Active, Transformational Role in Student Learning and Achievement / Gayle Bogel
・Identifying Relevant Controlled Clinical Trials for Systematic Reviews Requires Searching Multiple Resources – and, Even Then, Comprehensiveness is Questionable / Gale Gabrielle Hannigan
・Analysis of Print and Electronic Serials’ Use Statistics Facilitates Print Cancellation Decisions Abstract / Pamela Haley
・Library Users Expect Link Resolvers to Provide Full Text While Librarians Expect Accurate Results / Wendy Furlan
・Students and Graduates Learn Library Educational Content from Interactive Multimedia Tutorials / David Herron, Lotta Haglund
・Elementary, Middle, and High School Students Vary in Frequency and Purpose When Using Online Digital References / Julie Elaine Stephens
・A Combination of Citation Analyses Can Reveal the Nature of a Journal’s Scholarly Communication, Its Influence in a Scientific Community, and the Geographic Location of Its Authors and Citers / Gaby Haddow
・The Quality of Canadian and U.S. Government Health Documents Remains Unchallenged Until Better Research Can Be Undertaken / Michael Corkett

・EBL and Library Assessment: Two Solitudes? / Pam Ryan