Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly (Vol 39 No.1)

Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly.
39(1), 2006.

・ Children a constant challenge – also to the library Jens Thorhauge
・ The Bittis Project brought libraries to the center of the school Susanne Ahlroth
・ Cooperation between public and school libraries. A Norwegian view Tertit Knudsen
・ School library initiatives and future challenges Anne Kari holm
・ Cooperation between schools and public libraries in Rogaland Ine Marit Torscik Bertelsen
・ Viewpoint: Branding, books and libraries Niels Ole Pors
・ School + library = linguistic progress + reading skills Johanna Hansson
・ New perspectives for the merging of public and school library Bente Buchhave
・ Nordbok and the Nordic Council’ Literature Prize Jenny Fossum Grønn
・ Recent library developments
・ Scandinavian Shortcuts