JASIST 56(12)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 56, Issue 12, Pages 1241-1360 (October 2005)

Metrics for the scope of a collection
Robert B. Allen, Yejun Wu

Manifestation of emerging specialties in journal literature: A growth model of papers, references, exemplars, bibliographic coupling, cocitation, and clustering coefficient distribution
Steven A. Morris

A conclusive methodology for rating OCR performance
Nathan E. Brener, S.S. Iyengar, O.S. Pianykh

A conceptual framework and open research questions for chat-based reference service
Jeffrey Pomerantz

Children’s conceptual structures of science categories and the design of Web directories
Dania Bilal, Peiling Wang

Ranking the research productivity of library and information science faculty and schools: An evaluation of data sources and research methods
Lokman I. Meho, Kristina M. Spurgin

Information behavior in the context of improving patient safety
Anu MacIntosh-Murray, Chun Wei Choo

Image querying by image professionals
Corinne Jorgensen, Peter Jorgensen