Library Journal 8/15/2005

Library Journal

Delving into Data
By Kevin Cullen
Businesses have used data mining for years. Now libraries are getting into the act. More

After Seattle
By Brian Kenney
By discarding every preconception about a public library building, they created the first 21st-century library.

Gathering Steam in Chicago–LJ Report: Chicago ALA 2005
By John N. Berry III, Bette-Lee Fox, Brian Kenney, Ann Kim, Rebecca Miller, Norman Oder, & Michael Rogers
A record crowd, focus on the future, and bloggers everywhere.

Partners in Advocacy
By George Cigale tapped into libraries’ need for help with funding and found surprising success.

Build a Winning Hand
By Sandy Glover
What do poker and bridge have in common? Both are card games that originated in Europe (although poker’s modern form developed in the frontier towns of the American West, while bridge still reflects its British heritage).