D-Lib Magazineの2015年3・4月号が電子図書館の実践を特集

オープンアクセス誌“D-Lib Magazine”の2015年3・4号が刊行されました。今号は、電子図書館の実践が特集テーマとなっています。ニュージーランドの国立図書館によるストレージのアウトソーシングの事例、北米研究図書館協会(ARL)の参加館以外の研究図書館を対象としたデジタルコレクション管理の実態についての調査、OpenDOARリポジトリのメタデータについての調査、フランスとドイツの電子学位論文のアクセスと制限についての調査、信頼できるデジタルリポジトリか否かについて自己監査を行ったDeakin Universityの事例、韓国におけるMLAをつなぐLinked Dataの事例等を扱った記事9本が掲載されています。

Storage is a Strategic Issue: Digital Preservation in the Cloud
by Gillian Oliver, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Steve Knight, National Library of New Zealand

Managing Digital Collections Survey Results
by Liz Bishoff, The Bishoff Group, and Carissa Smith, DuraSpace

OpenDOAR Repositories and Metadata Practice
by Heather Lea Moulaison, Felicity Dykas and Kristen Gallant, University of Missouri

A French-German Survey of Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Access and Restrictions
by Joachim Schöpfel, GERiiCO Laboratory, University of Lille 3, France; Hélène Prost, National Center for Scientific Research, France; Marjorie Piotrowski, University of Lille 3, France; Eberhard R. Hilf, Institute for Scientific Networking, Germany; Thomas Severiens, Institute for Scientific Networking, Germany; Paul Grabbe, Institute for Scientific Networking, Germany

Trustworthiness: Self-assessment of an Institutional Repository against ISO 16363-2012
by Bernadette Houghton, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia

Development of Linked Data for Archives in Korea
by Ok Nam Park, Sangmyung University, Republic of Korea

Tools for Discovering and Archiving the Mobile Web
by Frank McCown, Monica Yarbrough and Keith Enlow, Harding University

Digital Library Research in Action: Supporting Information Retrieval in Sowiport
by Daniel Hienert, Frank Sawitzki and Philipp Mayr, GESIS, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Reconstructing the Past Through Utah Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: A Geospatial Approach to Library Resources
by Justin B. Sorensen, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah

D-Lib Magazine March/April 2015 Volume 21, Number 3/4