Library Management 26(6/7)

Library Management
Vol. 26, No. 6/7, 2005

Peer mentoring: one institution’s approach to mentoring academic librarians
著者: Level, Allison V, その他.

Designing a successful library school field experience
著者: Kelsey, Paul, その他.

Knowledge processes: A strategic foundation for the partnership between the university and its library
著者: Huotari, Maija-Leena, その他.

Strategic human resource development in public libraries in Botswana
著者: Jain, Priti

Sensemaking a public library’s internet policy crisis
著者: Cavanagh, Mary

Breaking a leg: going on stage with the educators
著者: Hegarty, Nora, その他.

Public libraries in Belfast and the Troubles, 1969-1994
著者: Topping, Darren, その他.

The central role of leaders in public libraries
著者: Mullins, John, その他.

Risking knowledge management: An information audit of risk management activities within the Hobart City Council
著者: Jones, Heather

Achieving readiness for organisational change
著者: Smith, Ian