Ariadne (51)

Issue 51, April 2007

Supporting Creativity in Networked Environments: The COINE Project
Geoff Butters, Amanda Hulme and Peter Brophy

The W3C Technical Architecture Group
Henry S. Thompson

ARROW, DART and ARCHER: A Quiver Full of Research Repository and Related Projects
Andrew Treloar and David Groenewegen

Developing a Virtual Research Environment in a Portal Framework: The EVIE Project
Tracey Stanley

Using Blogs for Formative Assessment and Interactive Teaching
Lisa Foggo

Search Engines: Why Ask Me, and Does ‘X’ Mark the Spot?
Phil Bradley

Citeulike: A Researcher’s Social Bookmarking Service
Kevin Emamy and Richard Cameron

Get Tooled Up: Towards Virtualisation: A New Approach in Server Management
Eddie Young

Get Tooled Up: Hold It, Hold It … Start Again: The Perils of Project Video Production
Steve Hitchcock

OpenID: Decentralised Single Sign-on for the Web
Andy Powell and David Recordon