Library Journal. 2006-09-01

Library Journal
September 1, 2006


Baker’s Smudges
By Stanley Wilder

Fall Editors’ Picks
By the LJ Editors

Library 2.0
By Michael E. Casey and Laura C. Savastinuk

An Evolving Collection
By Walter Cressler


・ Crusading for New York Library Hours
・ WorldCat Opens
・ In San Francisco, No Holds Bard
・ OCLC’s Kilgour Dies at 92
・ Flap Over a Book in Brooklyn
・ Seeking the Best Small Library
・ UC Joins Google’s Scan Plan
・ At Hearing, ALA, Union Criticize LC
・ Indianapolis PL Project Examined
・ UK PubMed Central Launches in January
・ DOPA Passes House by Wide Margin
・ DCPL Revamps Management
・ Lancaster Leaves Library Trends
・ Providence Board To Be Appointed
・ UK Librarian/Thief Caught on eBay