Library Journal. 2006-06-01

Library Journal
June 1, 2006


Google Your Library’s Mission
By Frederick Nesta

“How’d You Come Out?”
By Norman Oder

Authors & Celebrities?New Orleans ALA 2006 picks and pans
By John N. Berry III

Laissez les bons temps revenir!
By John N. Berry III

Fashion by Design
By Linda Frederiksen

Constantly Renewing?New Orleans ALA 2006
By Wayne Everard


* Big Read Boosts Libraries
* Roy Wins ALA Presidency
* Amore To Head Denver PL
* RLG To Become Part of OCLC
* Baker & Taylor Sold Again
* Will CIPA Be Expanded?
* NARA Unveils New Safeguards
* BioMed Central Draws Complaints
* Avram, MARC Pioneer, Dies at 86
* Fear of Protests Shuts Rockford Library
* Illinois PL Cancels Fingertip Scan Plan
* ALA-APA Gets a Less Formal Name
* Cooper Leaves Brooklyn for DC