8月20日〜24日に開催されるIFLAの世界図書館情報会議(World Library and Information Congress)においてオープンアクセスに関する以下の発表が行われる予定です。発表要旨も既に公開されています。

Peter Jacso. Open Access Scholarly Databases – a bird’s eye view of the landscape

Hyekyong Hwang and Heeyoon Choi. The Open Access movement in the Korean R&D environment

Hong Seok Park and Guem Yeon Jang. “dCollection”: The National Network of University-Based Repository in Korea

S.B. Ghosh and Anup Kumar Das. Open Access and institutional repositories – a developing country perspective: a case study of India

Xuemao Wang, Chang Su, and Wei Liu. Open Access-Philosophy, Policy and Practice: a Comparative Study

Yi Liu and Yi Gao. Comparing three Chinese reprint systems