Program 39(4)

Program: electronic library and information systems
Volume 39 Issue 4 2005

Special Issue: Digital Histories

Digital Histories
Ian G. Anderson, Lucy A. Tedd

Digital London: Creating a searchable web of interlinked sources on eighteenth century London
Robert Shoemaker

Opportunistic collaboration: Unlocking the archives of the Birmingham
Institute of Art and Design
Sian Everitt

The development of digital resources by library and information
professionals and historians: Two case studies from Northern Ireland
Andy White

JSTOR: a case study in the recent history of scholarly communications
Roger C. Schonfeld

Digital imaging South Africa (DISA): a case study
Christopher Saunders

Unlocking the Royal Geographical Society Archives: The experiences of a Fellow of the Society as a teacher and as a researcher
Glen M. Segell

Small organisations and cultural institutions ? a digital future?
Jaqueline Spence