JASIST 56(10)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 56, Number 10 (August 2005)

Automated identification of technologically similar organizations
Anthony Breitzman

Introducing an active cluster-based information retrieval paradigm
Oscar Loureiro, Hava Siegelmann

Comparative knowledge management: A pilot study of Chinese and American universities
Qian Geng, Charles Townley, Kun Huang, Jing Zhang

R-sequences: Relative indicators for the rhythm of science
Liming Liang

Conceptual framework for tasks in information studies
Katriina Byström, Preben Hansen

Role-related library use by local union officials
Margaret A. Chaplan, Edward J. Hertenstein

Web citation data for impact assessment: A comparison of four science disciplines
Liwen Vaughan, Debora Shaw

Statistical relationships between downloads and citations at the level of individual documents within a single journal
Henk F. Moed

User-process model approach to improve user interface usability
Boryung Ju, Myke Gluck

Using top-ranking sentences to facilitate effective information access
Ryen W. White, Joemon M. Jose, Ian Ruthven