Aslib Proceedings 58(5)

Aslib Proceedings
Vol.58, Issue 5 (2006)
Advances in e-democracy: overview
Barrie Gunter

Parliamentary communication in an age of digital interactivity
Stephen Coleman

Benchmarking e-government policy within the e-Europe programme
Patrick Wauters

Online campaign communication and the phenomenon of blogging: An analysis of web logs during the 2005 British general election campaign
James Stanyer

Developing local e-democracy in Bristol: From information to consultation to participation and beyond
Stephen Hilton

Digital TV is coming of age and local government is starting to take note
Jane Hancer

E-citizen: Developing research-based marketing communications to increase awareness and take-up of local authority e-channels
Norman Mellor

The eAdmissions National Project: a research informed approach
Lorna Peters, Amanda Derrick, Teresa Damen, Matthew Marsh, Richard