The National Diet Library conducted research on the super-aged society and libraries

The National Diet Library published a report of its research on the super-aged society and libraries. This research comprises case studies through bibliographic survey and field work focusing on the library services for the older people provided at the three public libraries, as well as interviews with 20 older people including those who do not visit libraries so often. In the case study report, we introduce overviews and backgrounds of advanced efforts in providing library services for the older. In the interview report, we examine the current situation of library use by older people and future prospects from six different perspectives. We hope that this report will be utilized by a wide range of people.

Summary of “Super-aged Society and Libraries: From Building ‘Ikigai’ to Supporting Dementia” (NDL research report No.16)(National Diet Library Digital Collections)

No.16 超高齢社会と図書館~生きがいづくりから認知症支援まで~(in Japanese)