Publication of a Report on the National Diet Library Questionnaire on Response to COVID-19 by Public Libraries in Japan

The National Diet Library has released the report of a research project on the response to COVID-19 by public libraries in Japan, which was conducted during fiscal 2021 in cooperation with the Japan Library Association.

In the project, an online questionnaire survey was conducted for all public libraries in Japan, and responses were received from a total of 2,075 libraries. In addition to the analysis of the survey results, interviews were conducted with three of the responding libraries, and the results were compiled into the report, consisting of five chapters.

The report also includes a list of questionnaire survey items as an appendix. We hope that our report will be useful to a wide range of people.

NDL research report No.19. Response to COVID-19 by Public Libraries in Japan (In Japanese with English summary) (Current Awareness Portal)