Publication of a Report on the National Diet Library Questionnaire on Public Library Services for Persons with Special Needs

The National Diet Library has published a report describing a research project conducted during fiscal 2017 on public library services for persons with special needs. As part of this project, we asked public libraries nationwide to fill out a questionnaire on their library services for patrons with special needs. The questionnaire was sent to 1,357 libraries, and responses were received from 1,152 libraries, or a response rate of 82.5%. Our report comprises 14 chapters, in which we analyze the survey results. Having previously conducted a similar project during fiscal 2010, we also discussed the differences between the previous and the most recent responses. Included in the report is the questionnaire itself as well as a summary of the responses to each question, which we hope will prove useful to a wide range of people.

No.17 公共図書館における障害者サービスに関する調査研究(in Japanese)