Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 39(3/4)

Cataloging & Classification QuarterlyVolume 39, no. 3-4, 2004FRBR: hype, or cure-all?Patrick Le Bœuf, archiviste-paléographe, Guest editorIntroductionby Patrick Le BœufThe Origins of the IFLA Study on Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Recordsby Olivia M. A. MadisonExtending FRBR to Authoritiesby Glenn E. PattonModeling Subject Access Extending the FRBR and FRANAR Conceptual Models…

カレントアウェアネス-E 62

Current Awareness-E No.62 2005.7.20http://www.ndl.go.jp/jp/library/cae/2005/E-62.html■E349■ 図書館を再定義する‐BLの新しい戦略■E350■ レファレンス協同データベースをどう活かすか?■E351■ 中国国家図書館がデジタル資料の寄贈と著作権譲渡を依頼■E352■ LCによるウェブ情報資源の新しい目録記述法■E353…


OCLCがOpenURLを実装するためのソフトウェアOpenURL 1.0を無償公開しています。 OCLC Research releases Open Source OpenURL 1.0 software http://www.oclc.org/research/announcements/2005-07-12.htm

Open WorldCat + Ask a Librarian

OCLCは、Open WorldCatの中にAsk a Librarianを組み込む実験を始めた。OCLC launches 'Ask a Librarian' pilot in Open WorldCathttp://www.oclc.org/news/releases/200511.htm

WorldCat Collection Analysis

OCLC WorldCatの所蔵データを使って蔵書分析。WorldCat Collection Analysisニュースリリース(2005.03.11)WorldCat Collection Analysis User Guide

D-Lib Magazine 11(3)

D-Lib MagazineVol. 11 No. 3, March 2005ARTICLES The NSF National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program: New projects from Fiscal Year 2004 by Lee L Zia, National Science FoundationNSDL MatDL: Exploring Digital Library Roles by Laura M. Bartolo and Cathy S. Lowe, Kent State University; Donald R. Sadoway and Adam C. Powell, Massachusetts Instit…