Library Student Journal、第2号発行

図書館情報学専攻の学生による図書館情報学のオープンアクセス誌『Library Student Journal』の第2号が刊行されました。主な掲載記事は以下のとおりです。


Organization of Knowledge and the Hyperlink: Eco's The Name of the Rose and Borges' The Library of Babel
Seto, Iva (11/2006)

Poetry in children's literature: development of a genre
Dixon, Ann (11/2006)


A Cataloging Carol (fiction)
Larson, Leah Delia (11/2006)

Developing an Institutional Repository: an insider's look at the University of Utah IR
Mower, Allyson (11/2006)

Selection, deaccessioning, and the public image of information professionals: learning from the mistakes of the past

■E556■学生が創るオープンアクセス誌Library Student Journal創刊