College & Research Libraries 67(4)

College & Research Libraries
Vol.67 No.4

Accuracy of Cited References: The Role of Citation Databases
Robert A. Buchana

Behavioral Citation Analysis: Toward Collection Enhancement for Users
Beth E.Fuchs, Cristina M.Thomsen, Randolph G. Bias, and Donald G. Davis Jr.

Oversized and Underused: Size Matters in Academic Libraries
D. Yvonne Jones

Constructing Descriptive Records for an Art Image Database: What Do You Use Statistics Tell Us?
Peter Hepburn and Joan B. Fiscella

Print versus Electronic Journal Use in Three Sci/Tech Disciplines: The Cultural Shift in Process
Eileen E. Brady, Sarah K. McCord, and Betty Galbraith

Multimedia Learning Theories and Online Instruction
Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit

Last Copies: What’s at Risk?
Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Edward T. O’Neill, and Chandra Prabha