Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 41(3/4)

さきごろ刊行されたCataloging & Classification Quarterly 41(3/4)では、前号にひきつづき「図書館目録教育:世界的視点から考える:Part.2」が特集されています。

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 41(2)

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
Volume 41, No.3/4

Education for Library Cataloging:International Perspective


Beyond our expectations : A review of an independent learning module in descriptive cataloguing at the Queensland
Gilluan Hallam

MARCup to markup : Education for cataloguing and classification in Australia
Ross Harvey, Susan Reynolds


Education for cataloging and classification in Austria and Germany
Monika Munnich, Heidi Zotter-Straka, Petra Hauke

Education and training on the nature and description of documents : Polish university studies and professional librarianship schools
Anna Sitarska

Cataloging education on the sunny side of the Alps
Jerry D. Saye, Alenka Sauperi

Education for cataloging in Spanish universities: a descriptive and criminal study
Rafael Ruiz-Perez, Emilio Delgado Lopez-Cozar

Education and training for cataloguing and classification in the British Isles
J.H. Bowman

・Latin America

The teaching of information processing in the university of Buenos Aires, Argantina
Elsa E. Barber, Silvia L. Pisano

Education for cataloging and classification in Mexico
Filiberto Felipe Martinez Arellano

Education for cataloging and related areas in Peru
Ana Maria Talavera Ibarra

・Middle East

Cataloging and classification education in Egypt : stressing the fundamentals while moving toward automated applications
Mohammed Fat’hy Abdel Hady, Ali Kamal Shaker

An account of cataloging and classification education in Iranian Universities
Mortaza Kokabi

Cataloging instruction in Israel
Snunith Shoham

Continuing education for catalogers in Saudi Arabia
Zahiruddin Khurshid