Library Quarterly 76(1)

Library Quarterly
Vol.76 No.1 (2006.1)


Library Quarterly, 1956–2004: An Exploratory Bibliometric Analysis
Arthur P. Young

Codes, Costs, and Critiques: The Organization of Information in Library Quarterly, 1931–2004
Hope A. Olson

Collection Management in the Library Quarterly, 1931–2005
Charles B. Osburn

Library Quarterly Management Literature, 1931–2004
Arthur P. Young

Use of Community Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): Explaining the Use of Community Networks with Demographic Factors, Psychological Factors, and Alternative Service Accessibility
Nahyun Kwon and Douglas L. Zweizig

Does State Aid Stimulate Public Library Expenditures? Evidence from Pennsylvania's Enhancement Aid Program
William F. Stine