JASIST 57(10)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 57, Issue 10, (August 2006)

E-mail interviewing in qualitative research: A methodological discussion
Lokman I. Meho

Scientific research activity and communication measured with cybermetrics
Isidro F. Aguillo, Begona Granadino, Jos・L. Ortega, Jos・A. Prieto

Web issue analysis: An integrated water resource management case study
Mike Thelwall, Katie Vann, Ruth Fairclough

One digital library, two undergraduate classes, and four learning modules:
Uses of a digital library in classrooms
Bing Pan, Geri Gay, John Saylor, Helene Hembrooke

Language evolution and the spread of ideas on the Web: A procedure for
identifying emergent hybrid word family members
Mike Thelwall, Liz Price

Understanding competing application usage with the theory of planned
Julian Lin, Hock Chuan Chan, Kwok Kee Wei

The role of the Internet in informal scholarly communication
Franz Barjak

Relevance criteria identified by health information users during Web
Abe Crystal, Jane Greenberg

Telemedicine in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of teleophthalmology and eye
care in Ethiopia
Mengistu Kifle, Victor W.A. Mbarika, Pratim Datta

Toward a model of the everyday life information needs of urban teenagers,
part 1: Theoretical model
Denise E. Agosto, Sandra Hughes-Hassell