The Electronic Library 23(5)

The Electronic Library
Vol. 23, No. 5, 2005

Talis Insight 2004 conference: views of technology futures
著者: Chad, Ken

Multi-device, multi-player gaming: issues and application
著者: C. Cheng, Danny, その他.

Factors influencing user trust in online games
著者: Gao, Yuan

Social and ethical considerations in virtual worlds
著者: W. Kerbs, Robert

Design and analysis of Bluetooth scatternet for mobile multimedia applications
著者: Kwan, T.M.

Space-themed videogames: an effective way to promote space
著者: Scatteia, L.

The use of internet service providers by cybercafbs in Nigeria: an update
著者: E. Adomi, Esharenana, その他.

An approach to mapping CCF to Dublin Core
著者: Chandrakar, Rajesh

Bridging the digital divide through e-governance: A proposal for Africa's libraries and information centres
著者: M. Mutula, Stephen

Searching for Chinese history journals online
著者: Wai Fan, Ka