Library & Information Science Research 27(4)

Library & Information Science Research
Volume 27, Issue 4, Pages 421-570 (Autumn 2005)

So which score on the LibQual+? tells me if library users are satisfied?
Michael J. Roszkowski, John S. Baky and David B. Jones

Developing a predictive model of editor selectivity in a current awareness service of a large digital library
Thomas Krichel and Nisa Bakkalbasi

Affective issues in library and information science systems work: A content analysis
Heidi Julien, Lynne E.F. McKechnie and Sandra Hart

Looking for love in all the wrong places: Accessing sexual and reproductive health information via the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature
Jennifer Burek Pierce and Debora Shaw

University undergraduate students and library-related privacy issues
Steven Johns and Karen Lawson

Appropriate use of information at the secondary school level: Understanding and avoiding plagiarism
Joy H. McGregor and Kirsty Williamson

A global perspective on library association codes of ethics
Pnina Shachaf