Library Hi Tech 23(3)

Library Hi Tech
Vol. 23, No. 3, 2005

The Lied Library Automated Storage and Retrieval (LASR) Unit
著者: Haslam, Michaelyn

UNLV Libraries and the digital identification frontier
著者: Fabbi, Jennifer L, その他.

Government information at Lied Library
著者: Skarl, Susie, その他.

The UNLV Libraries Collaborative Learning Center: They came to look and stayed to learn
著者: Cox, Jennifer, その他.

Reorganization of the Knowledge Access Management (KAM) Division
著者: Bierman, Ken, その他.

New program growth and its impact on collection assessment at the UNLV Libraries
著者: Sinha, Reeta, その他.

Creating a virtual branch library to serve a remote campus
著者: Stowers, Eva, その他.

Digitizing special collections: to boldly go where we've been before
著者: Michel, Peter

Ramping up assessment at the UNLV Libraries
著者: Brown, Jeanne

The challenges of utilizing information communication technologies (ICTs) for the small-scale farmers in Zambia
著者: Kalusopa, Trywell