College and Research Libraries 66(3)

College and Research Libraries
Vol. 66, No. 3,May 2005

Understanding Information Use in a Multidisciplinary Field: A Local Citation Analysis of Neuroscience Research
Marian A. Burright, Trudi Bellardo Hahn, and Margaret J. Antonisse

What Have We Got to Lose? The Effect of Controlled Vocabulary on Keyword Searching Results
Tina Gross and Arlene G. Taylor

Information-seeking Behavior of Physical Science Librarians: Does Research Inform Practice?
Cecelia M. Brown and Lina Ortega

Relative Influence of the LibQUAL+? Dimensions on Satisfaction: A Subgroup Analysis
John H. Heinrichs, Thomas Sharkey, and Jeen-Su Lim

A Theory-guided Approach to Library Services Assessment
Xi Shi and Sarah Levy