JASIST 56(5)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 56 Number 5 (March 2005)

Introduction to the special issue on bioinformatics
Bradley M. Hemminger

Introduction to bioinformatics
David Fenstermacher

Information problems in molecular biology and bioinformatics
W. John MacMullen, Sheila O. Denn

Genescene: An ontology-enhanced integration of linguistic and co-occurrence based relations in biomedical texts
Gondy Leroy, Hsinchun Chen

Developing a protocol for bioinformatics analysis: An integrated information behavior and task analysis approach
Joan C. Bartlett, Elaine G. Toms

Integrated bioinformatics application for automated target discovery
Luca Toldo, Friedrich Rippmann

Mining association rules from biological databases
Andres Rodriguez, Jose Maria Carazo, Oswaldo Trelles

Reconfigurable Web wrapper agents for biological information integration
Chun-Nan Hsu, Chia-Hui Chang, Chang-Huain Hsieh, Jiann-Jyh Lu, Chien-Chi Chang

Graph theoretic methods for the analysis of structural relationships in biological macromolecules
Peter J. Artymiuk, Ruth V. Spriggs, Peter Willett

Survey of bioinformatics programs in the United States
Bradley M. Hemminger, Trish Losi, Anne Bauers

Bioinformatics resources from the National Center for Biotechnology Information: An integrated foundation for discovery
Barbara A. Rapp, David L. Wheeler

Extramural funding opportunities in bioinformatics from the National Library of Medicine
Carol A. Bean, Milton Corn