JASIST 56(4)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Volume 56 Number 4 (February 2005)

How users assess Web pages for information seeking
Anastasios Tombros, Ian Ruthven, Joemon M. Jose

Supporting user-subjective categorization with self-organizing maps and learning vector quantization
Dina Goren-Bar, Tsvi Kuflik

The use of reliability techniques to predict the recovery rate of recovering alcohol addicts
K.E.B. Thornton, A. Lazzarini

Digital identity matters
Arthur Allison, James Currall, Michael Moss, Susan Stuart

The anticipated and assessed contribution of information types in references retrieved for preparing a research proposal
Sami Serola, Pertti Vakkari

Instruments of cognition: Use of citations and Web links in online teaching materials
Anita Coleman

Validation of a model of information seeking over multiple search sessions
Shin-jeng Lin, Nick Belkin

Internetworking of factors affecting successive searches over multiple episodes
Shin-jeng Lin