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4月 18日

RLG DigiNews 9(2)

RLG DigiNewsVolume 9, Number 2, Apr 15, 2005http://www.rlg.org/en/page.php?Page_ID=20571・Feature Article 1: A Comparison Between Migration and Emulation in Terms of Costs ・Feature Article 2: Automating Preservation: New Developments in the PRONOM Service ・Highlighted Web Site: LibraryLaw.com ・FAQ: Adopting “Orphan Works”

4月 15日

Library Trends 53(3)

Library TrendsVol.53, Iss.3, Winter 2005 Consumer Health Issues, Trends, and Research: Part2. Applicable Research in the 21 st CenturyIntroductionTammy L Mays. Providing Health Information to Community Members Where They Are: Characteristics of the Culturally Competent LibrarianNancy Ottman Press, Mary Diggs-Hobson. Collaboration and Marketing Ensure Public and Medical Library ViabilityStephani…

Information Processing & Management 41(5)

Information Processing & Management Volume 41, Issue 5 , September 2005Binary and graded relevance in IR evaluations-Comparison of the effectson ranking of IR systems Jaana KekalainenAn algorithm to cluster documents based on relevance Monica Desai and Amanda SpinkClustered SVD strategies in latent semantic indexing Jing Gao and Jun ZhangDocument indexing: a concept-based approach to term w…

The Journal of Academic Librarianship 31(2)

The Journal of Academic LibrarianshipVolume 31, Issue 2, (March 2005)Distance education librarians in the U.S. Arl libraries and libraryservices provided to their distance usersZheng Ye (Lan) YangOnline Searching Skills: Development of an Inventory to AssessSelf-Efficacy Shinichi Monoi, Nancy O'Hanlon and Karen R. DiazBuilding Bridges for Collaborative Digital Reference between Libra…

4月 14日


オーストラリア教育・科学省Australian Research Information Infrastructure Committee (ARIIC)が、研究情報へのアクセシビリティを高めるプロジェクトを募集している。Australian Research Information Framework Improving the Overall Access to Research InformationCall for Proposals -Information for Prospective Applicantshttp://www.dest.gov.au/highered/research

MITのOpenCourseWare Program

MITではe-lerning用に、講義資料などをフリーで公開するプロジェクトを行っている。MIT has released the 2004 MIT OpenCourseWare Program Evaluation Findings Report (March 31, 2005). サマリーhttp://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Global/AboutOCW/evaluation.htmPDFhttp://ocw.mit.edu/NR/rdonlyres/90C9BC91-7819-48A0-9E9A-D6B2701C1CE5/...

4月 12日


Dutch public libraries oppose personal data bill05/04/2005http://www.dmeurope.com/default.asp?ArticleID=7126オランダでも、テロ対策として、図書館など公共機関から個人情報をauthorityが取得しやすくする法案が提出されている模様。下院は通過して上院で審議中。オランダ公共図書館協会はこの動きに反対を表明している。


Fires Follow Flood at University of Hawaiihttp://www.ala.org/al_onlineTemplate.cfm?Section=alonline&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=91503昨年洪水に見舞われ、今年1月に再開したハワイ大学図書館が、今後は放火とみられる火災で被災した模様。


英国のBL、CURL、JISCが、電子学位論文オンライン(Electronic Theses Online)というプロジェクトを開始した。18か月のプロジェクト。BLが所蔵する博士論文の全文情報にウェブで電子的にアクセスすることを可能とするとともに、各大学が所蔵する博士論文の書誌事項の横断検索も可能とする。単一の…


IFLA資料保存分科会は、資料保存関連の標準規格、実務コード、ガイドライン類の目録を、3月に刊行した。MacIlwaine, John ed. First, do not harm: a register of standards, codes of practice, guidelines recommendations and similar works relating to preservation and conservation in libraries and archives. IFLA, 2005, 69p.http://www.ifla.org/VII/s19/index.htm

全米電子新聞プログラム(National Digital Newspaper Program)

全米電子新聞プログラム(National Digital Newspaper Program)の最初の助成先6館が決定した。・カリフォルニア大学リバーサイド校 40万ドル・フロリダ大学図書館 32万ドル・ケンタッキー大学研究財団 31万ドル・ニューヨーク公共図書館 35万ドル・ユタ大学 35万ドル・バージニア図書館 20万ド…

4月 8日

カレントアウェアネス-E 56

Current Awareness-E No.56 2005.4.6■E312■ 欧州図書館がサービスを開始■E313■ 公共図書館に求められる対応英国下院の報告書■E314■ 公共図書館の資源共有に新システムを導入(オランダ)■E315■ デジタル著作権管理(DRM)への懸念と図書館■E316■ 米国愛国者法の見直しをめぐる動き■E317■ …

Library Resources & Technical Services 48(4)

Library Resources & Technical ServicesVolume 48, Number 4, October 2004Association for Library Collections & Technical Services Annual Report 2003-2004. Schottlaender, Brian E. C. Identifying the Serial Work As a Bibliographic Entity. Antelman, Kristin. A Circulation Analysis of Print Books and E-Books in an Academic Research Library. Littman, Justin; Connaway, Lynn Silipigni. Surveying…


国立情報学研究所. 学術機関リポジトリ構築ソフトウェア実装実験プロジェクト報告書. 平成17年3月. 180p.

J of Librarianship and Information Science 36(4)

Journal of Librarianship and Information ScienceVolume 36, Issue 4, December 2004Anne Goulding Editorial: Who's Afraid of Who's in Charge? Mumtaz A. Anwar From doctoral dissertation to publication: a study of 1995 American graduates in Library and Information Sciences Angela Bird and Lucy A. Tedd Reader development and ICT: an overview of projects in Welsh public libraries…

Library Journal April Fool号

Library Journal4/1/2005http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA514753?display=breakingNewsGorman Abdicates, ALA Leadership in Disarray Degree in "Google Science" Offered by Syracuse I School ALA To Move Annual Conference to Dallas, Midwinter Meeting to Chicago Bar Opens in Library, Circulation Triples Reference Desk Installs Tip Bucket Nancy Pearl Confesses: "I Always Prefer the …

Library Journal 4/1/2005

Library Journal4/1/2005http://www.libraryjournal.com/toc/4%2F1%2F2005FEATURESIM me - By Aaron Schmidt & Michael Stephens Anatomy of a Mystery Convention - By Jennifer Kirchmann & Rivkah Sass Mystery Goes Global - By Jeff Ayers Gradual Evolution--Automated System Marketplace 2005 - By Marshall Breeding Ranganathan Online - By Michele V. Cloonan & John G. Dove Out of the Closet? - By …

IPN 34

International Preservation NewsNo. 34, December 2005http://www.ifla.org/VI/4/news/ipnn34.pdfLibrary Experiences with Natural Disasters: Hurricanes and Volcanoes (Montserrat)Gracelyn CassellSkills Development and Management for Disaster Mitigation Planning: the Specific Case of Electronic Equipment and Digital DataJo-Ann GeorgesRisks Associated with Hurricanes in the CaribbeanSteve PollonaisSurv…