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音声資料や映像資料などメディア資源を扱う際のガイドライン改定案というものがACRLから出ています。Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries (DRAFT)http://www.ala.org/ala/acrl/acrlstandards/mediaresources.htm

JASIST 56(11)

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and TechnologyVolume 56, Issue 11, (September 2005)Research ArticleParsing the public domainTerrence A. Maxwell Scholarly work and the shaping of digital accessCarole L. Palmer Special Topic Section on Knowledge Management in AsiaIntroduction to the special topic section: Knowledge management in AsiaSuliman Al-Hawamdeh Understanding seekin…

Journal of Documentation 61(4)

Journal of Documentation Volume 61 Issue 4 2005 Privilege and public provision in the intellectual welfare state Barbara Kyle Clear thinking on the “unity” of the information professions Paul Sturges To stem or lemmatize a highly inflectional language in a probabilistic IR environment? Kimmo Kettunen, Tuomas Kunttu, Kalervo JarvelinOpen access journal publishing: the views of some of the wo…

Library + Information Update 4(6)

Library + Information Update4(6), June 2005 Features Updating the eternal: ALA’s new President, Michael Gorman, talks to Elspeth Hyams prior to his guest appearance at Umbrella 2005. 24-hour reference service: Ben Chan. A fresh approach to online reference products and services: Elspeth Hyams talks to OUP. The New Walford: making sense of the information universe: Rachel Middleton on how the …

Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly 38(3)

Scandinavian Public Library QuarterlyVolume 38 NO. 3 2005http://www.splq.info/issues/vol38_3/index.htmCooperation - a way to survive for public libraries Bridging the abyss Students, Google and libraries Viewpoint: Wanted: Dangerous librarians The ELEF project of Eastern Finland Joint Library Card Project Nordic Council of Ministers Recent library developments IFLA 2005 Scandinavian Shortcuts

IFLA Journal 31(3)

IFLA JournalVolume 31 (2005) No. 3http://www.ifla.org/V/iflaj/IFLA-Journal-3-2005.pdfEditorial: More from Buenos Aires . and elsewhereStephen ParkerCooperative Virtual Libraries: training librarians and editors via the InternetDominique BabiniAudiovisual and Multimedia Content in the Curriculum for Librarianship Studies at the University of Leon in SpainBlanca Rodriguez BravoManaging the Electr…


ルイジアナ州知事補佐官と文化担当局が、ルイジアナの文化関係での復興計画案を出しています。その中に、図書館の復興計画も含まれています。Louisiana Rebirth Plan Involves State Library http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6261468.html


LCとNPO団体First Bookは、カトリーナ被災地の学校や図書館に500万冊の本を寄贈する活動を始めた。LC, First Book Sponsor "Book Relief" at National Book Festival http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6259236.htmlまた、こうした本の寄付を税控除の扱いとする法案が上院に提出されています。Senate Katrina Tax Relief Would Enc…

American Libraries 36(8)

American LibrariesVol.36, No.8, September 2005FeaturesCover Story:Why School Libraries Won’t Be Left BehindBY BEVERLY GOLDBERGA New Look at Lifelong AccessBY DIANTHA DOW SCHULLDigital Library Services for AllBY LORI BELL and TOM PETERSOnline Book-Clubbing Made EasyBY NEAL STARKEYALA FeatureLearning from Experience:2005 ALA Award Winnershttp://www.ala.org/al_onlineTemplate.cfm?Section=toc2005&

Information Technology and Libraries 24(3)

Information Technology and LibrariesVol.24, Iss.3, Sep 2005Crosswalking EAD: Collaboration in Archival DescriptionAmy McCrory, Beth M Russell. Design Considerations for Multilingual Web SitesJoan Starr. Document-Management Technology and Acquisitions Workflow: A Case Studyin Invoice ProcessingKatharine Treptow Farrell, Janet E Lute. I, LibrarianHilda Kruger. Building Digital Heritage with Tea…


国境なき記者団が、ジャーナリストやブロガーのための検閲に抗するハンドブックを出しています。各国での体験談や検閲回避技術の紹介が載っています。Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents http://www.rsf.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=542

9月 29日


英国文書館とUK Data Archiveが、OAISおよびMETSをデジタル情報保存に採用してみたプロジェクトの評価報告書を発表しています。

The National Archives tackles digital compliance


米国の教育統計全国センター(NCES)が、2003会計年度における合衆国公共図書館の利用および費用統計を発表しています。E.D. TAB: Public Libraries in the United States: Fiscal Year 2003 http://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch/pubsinfo.asp?pubid=2005363


LISUが、英国公共図書館の図書館費用統計2004-2006を発表しています。Public Library Materials Fund and Budget Survey 2004-06http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/dils/lisu/pages/publications/matfund05.html


GPOは、FDLPの変革に向けて、オンライン出版物および印刷物の新しい寄託基準案を発表しています。FDLP Selection Mechanisms: Item Numbers and Alternatives http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/selection/index.html

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